Bloomington Pet Pals is the absolute best! In my book, Ann is a rock star. I moved to Bloomington last winter and was worried about finding someone to watch my dog, Little Man. Ann came for a meet and greet and it was love at first site for him!!! I instantly felt comfortable with her taking care of him. She is so kind and caring; and the pictures I receive everyday are a great midday treat. You can just tell she has such a way with


"Bloomington Pet Pals have been watching our pets since 2007. One week after moving to Bloomington, we had to go out of town and had to find sitters for our two cats, Chloe and Cole. Pet Pals sent photos of them so we could see how happy they were. When we returned Chloe and Cole were in such great spirits, it was clear that they had a blast while we were gone. When we got our puppy, Cady, in 2009 Bloomington Pet Pals helped us out so much by walking and playing with her while we were at work. Then, when our baby was born, Bloomington Pet Pals were there for us again and walked Cady every day.  Now they still walk Cady a few times a week just because she loves them so much, and Chloe and Cole love the extra pats and attention. They are more than just pet-sitters; they  are part of our family." - Jennifer and Donald Rawe, Chloe and Cady

 "I recently relocated to Bloomington and was a bit nervous about finding a new cat sitter.  I feel very fortunate that Ann is such a great sitter for my three cats. When we adopted our newest edition, Ann went the extra mile by giving medicine and special food to my recovering kitty. I especially like how Ann sends me texts and photos of the cats while we are away. Ann also has the flexibility to do 30 or 60 minute sits, and she is often very accommodating with last minute travel plans.  I can’t thank Ann enough for her caring nature and dependable personality." - Catherine Parker

"After several terrible experiences with in-home pet care, I was anxious to find someone good and reliable to take care of my new rescue kitten when I found I had to travel soon after adopting him.  Bloomington Pet Pals was recommended by a friend and they are great. Ann made friends with shy Iz almost immediately, and began sending me photos of a happy playful cat - sneaking treats out of his bag, batting his mousies, and curled around her neck as she sat on the couch. Very comforting to an anxious owner who missed her little friend. I knew I'd find a happy, healthy cat when I came back-- and I did. Really, you cannot ask for better care-- not only for the animals' physical needs but for their emotional and social needs as well. I would recommend Pet Pals in a heartbeat."- Joan Hawkins

"We've been relying on Bloomington Pet Pals for many years now, and we've never been let down.  Ann truly cares about every pet she looks after, and it's a comforting feeling to know that our cats are being looked after by someone so dedicated and trustworthy.  I've recommended her to many friends, and will continue to do so."

Joe Walker

"Bloomington Pet Pals has been a godsend to our family! Ann cares for our dogs as if they were her own.  Our dogs enjoy staying In their home and following their routine.  We don't have to worry about them when we are gone and we also know the house is being watched." - Missy Davis

"I was so relieved to have Ann with Bloomington Pet Pals come highly recommended by our Veterinarian. Since then Ann has been a reliable and kind caretaker for my incredibly loved cat Oscar. I wouldn't leave home without her!"  - Lori McDonald
"Ann gives me one less thing to worry about when I am away. I know Oscar will be well taken care of, played with and loved while away. She's fantastic and I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone!"- Jeff Allens


Bloomington Pet Pals


animals. She also made a great vet recommendation. I simply cannot say enough good things about Ann. We are very lucky to have her in our lives. I would not trust anyone else to take care of my Little Man. - Michelle Edmiston.