We greatly respect your privacy. The pet sitters working for Bloomington Pet Pals are required to sign confidentiality agreements which state they are prohibited from discussing your personal business - the contents of your home, your lifestyle, etc. We don't snoop. We don't go into your bedrooms or private living areas unless your pet sleeps there or is hiding there and we go in briefly to find it. If your pet has a tendency to leave "presents" around the house and you want us to check all bedrooms, under beds, closets, etc for such things to clean up, please let us know. Otherwise, it is not our habit to go in those areas.


"I've been a long-time 
patron of BPP with 2 dogs
over the past 8 or more
years. They have always
been responsive and
caring for my needs for
in-home visits, scheduled or even on short notice. I would recommend BPP for anyone wanting an alternative to having to kennel their pet. The pets are more comfortable at home and not having to drop off or pick-up is a plus."
- Bob Chin

Each visit includes:

  • Loving care for all your pets
  • Fresh food & water
  • Walks / Inside or outside play
  • Clean up pet messes
  • Scoop and clean  litter boxes
  • Daily reports by text or email
  • Administer medication
  • Peaceful lap time and cuddling
  • Water plants
  • Take in mail, papers & packages
  • Alternate blinds/curtains/lights
MEDICATION    We are not professionally trained in veterinary medicine, but we have experience giving pills, oral liquids, injections and subcutaneous fluids to cats and dogs. If your pet has been ill or needs extra care and you need to be away, you can be assured that we will give it special attention and keep it very comfortable. If your pet becomes ill while you are away, we will contact you and get your pet the medical assistance it needs.

There are strong opinions about whether cats should be allowed to go outside in an unsecured area. We know many of our customers allow their cats to go outside. But Please Do Not Ask Us To Let Your Cat Go Outside When You Are Away. There is always a danger that your cat will not come back while we are at the house and it will have to be left outside for 24 hours. There's also a risk that the cat intentionally won't come to the house at all when we are there because it doesn't know us as well as it knows you. This can result in your cat being without food, getting caught in a storm, getting too hot or too cold and other risks. And even if nothing happens to your cat outside, the stress and worry it causes us is unbearable. We'll do everything we possibly can to keep your cat happy and entertained inside.

Our business is based on the philosophy that great service is the best thing we can offer. We meet with you and your pets to determine your needs, and then we tailor our service to your specifications rather than expect your pets to fit a generic plan. Like people, each pet has a distinct personality and enjoys a different life routine. We don't believe one size fits all when it comes to pet care. We meet your schedule rather than making you fit  9-5 hours.

Visits can be scheduled at the time of day that best meets your pet's schedule for eating, going out, etc. Dogs kept indoors while their families are away from home need visits at least three times a day to relieve themselves. It may be tempting to schedule only two visits per day, but our experience shows that this will most often lead to them having accidents in your home - often causing damage to floors or rugs. While we will clean this up, we can't be responsible for damage caused when dogs eliminate indoors. Unless there are unique circumstances, we do not accept adult dogs who are not housebroken. Cats are generally fine with one visit per day although with two they get more attention. With a long vacation, consider two visits or mixing in longer visits.

If you work long hours or feel guilty about leaving your pets home alone while you are at work or some other activity, we can stop by to let them out and play. Mid-day visits are a great way to let your dog out for a nice walk during the day. And unlike the process when you take them to a daycare facility, you won't get your car or clothes covered with hair. And if you are running late, they won't be stuck at a kennel over night. Many of our customers hire us to come over and walk their dogs on a daily or occasional basis. If you ever need help walking your dog, we will be happy to do it. Consider us for the work day, when going out for a big night, when you're sick or when the weather is too bad for you.

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