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When your dog gets skunked and runs in the house, everything stinks! Diane Stuercke tells her story and the solutions she found to bathe her dog and quickly remove the smell from her home.

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What to do When Your Dog and Home Get Skunked

People and pets can be separated unexpectedly in an emergency. If you had to identify your pet in a shelter, could you? And would you be able to prove to the shelter staff the pet was indeed yours? Take these safeguards to avoid a problem. Read full article.

Can You Identify Your Pets in an Emergency?

Halloween Costumes Can Be Fun for Cooperative Pets

It was only August, but Maggie Marton was already planning Halloween costumes for her three dogs and cat. When the October holiday rolls around, the pets will be decked out nose to tail and ready to show off. Read full article.

Whether walking on snow, ice or even hot pavement, extreme temperatures can make walking painful for dogs. A good solution to protect dog’s feet is to coat them with a paw wax in advance. The wax – similar to a petroleum jelly is a natural solution to keep dog paws soft and free of pain. Read full article

Wax, pad care can make walking more comfortable for dogs

A low battery can cause a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector to chirp and while it is annoying to humans, the noise can be downright terrifying to pets. On more than one occasion I have entered a house and found a well-trained dog had soiled the floors in multiple places, scratched or chewed furniture and literally tried to dig its way out of the house. The cause was chirping alarms. Read full article.

Low Batteries in Smoke Alarms Cause Distress for Pets

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Puzzle help control food intake, provide stimulation

Halloween Costumes Can Be Fun for Cooperative Pets

Is feeding a raw diet good for your dog?

Understanding grief and love with loss of a pet

Food puzzles require pets to pull treats from cups, roll balls and even slide puzzle pieces and remove them to find the hidden treasure inside. They are used to control food intake and provide mental stimulation. Read full article.

Recently a series of events happened that reminded me that when we establish a relationship, you get more than a pet sitter. You get someone who can be called on to help in many circumstances. Read full article.

 June 9 is World Pet Memorial Day. On that day, specifically,I will think of the pets I have loved and lost.  As a pet sitter, I get to know hundreds of pets very personally and when they inevitably pass, I grieve them like I have grieved for my own. For this memorial, I share the memory of my dog Cinnamon, who died on Feb 1, 2014. I hope the lessons I learned, help you if you ever lose a beloved pet. Read full article.

Feeding a raw diet is the biggest new thing in pet care and also the most controversial. Supporters say their pets are healthier and the food is a natural way for dogs to eat. Opponents fear illness for pets and people. According to a report from MarketResearch.com, packaged raw pet foods generated approximately $114 million in sales in 2012, representing a 17-percent-per-year growth since 2008. The figures don't include do-it-yourself owners who simply purchase raw meats for their pets. Read full article.