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By Ann Wesley

Recently a series of events happened that reminded me that when we establish a relationship, you get more than a pet sitter. You get someone who can be called on to help in many circumstances.

For example: I got a call from a customer saying her husband had lost his glasses in the ocean and he couldn’t see without them. Could I go to their house, find his contacts somewhere in the bathroom vanity downstairs and have them mailed for overnight delivery.

 Another customer called and said ADT had just phoned her and said the fire alarm was going off at her house. She was in Tennessee on her way home and in a complete panic. I rushed to the house where I found three fire trucks and a dozen firefighters. There were no visible flames but they couldn’t get in the house to check everything until I arrived, turned off the alarm and let them in.

 The same scenario happened a few months ago with a customer who was at the doctor and her home alarm went off signaling a break in. She didn’t get the call from the alarm company, but had listed me as a backup so when they called, I went over and handled things with the police.

 One time I took a customer’s dog to the vet because it she was really sick and the man’s mother had just passed away. In their distress, they were comforted that someone responsible could take the dog to the doctor and make decisions. I’ve taken pets to the vet on several occasions when they have been ill or had a medical complication while their families were away. In one case, I was able to take a photograph of the cat’s x-ray and text it to the client. She was with her brother, who happened to be a veterinarian and after receiving the text, I set up a conference between them and the doctor.

 Once there was a call from a customer who was away from home on the day he was expecting a case of wine to be delivered. “Heat is the enemy of wine,” he explained, and asked if we could swing by several times and make sure to take it in as soon as possible after it was delivered.

 Then there are the times people find themselves locked out of their homes.  Since I have a key, they call and I can run over and let them back in – saving them the $60+ locksmith charges.

In winter time, I have shoveled so many driveways at customer homes, I sometimes feel I have a snow removal service. While I don't do the whole driveway, I shovel enough to get in and out of the house and around a car. Not only is it good so I don't track snow in everywhere, but it makes it appear someone is home. If there is a snowstorm and nothing is shoveled for several days, it makes it obvious no one is home, and we don't want your house to be an easy target for criminals.

At Christmas one year, I entered a home and found the burner on the stove on - the actual fire. Somehow it was accidentally left on. Had the cat jumped up there, the results could have been disastrous! On three occasions we have had cats jump on stoves and turn the knob enough that the gas was coming out but the burner had not lit. We turned it off, opened windows to let the gas out and taped the knobs so they couldn't be turned again. Its now something we regularly check.

Another time, a customer instructed us to flush the dirty cat litter in the toilet - assuring us they do it every day. When we did it, the toilet backed up and overflowed. We completely cleaned the mess, plunged the toilet and took care of everything -- that's not something the kid next door is going to do if he is watching your pets.

 These situations don't always involve pets, but we were happy to help people out of a jam and take away some stress. I love hearing people say they don’t know what they would do without Bloomington Pet Pals. We do our absolute best to keep your pets happy and safe. If you find yourself in a jam in another way, know that we’ve got your back.