Bloomington Pet Pals

Service Terms

Bloomington Pet Pals (BPP) shall enter clients home with the purpose of caring for pets. Additional services may involve collection of mail and packages and basic home care. Pets shall be provided with fresh food and water supplied by client. Dogs shall be taken out for proper exercise and waste elimination. Bloomington Pet Pals shall clean basic pet messes but may not be expected to go to extraordinary measures such as providing professional-level carpet cleaning. Client is to provide working key or means to access home such as garage door opener or access code.Client agrees to notify pet sitter if web cams or recording devices are used in the home and shall not distribute images of pet sitter.

The following terms and conditions apply to all services with Bloomington Pet Pals Inc.
Please read and review thoroughly.

1. If anyone other than BPP Inc has access to your home while the pet sitting job is being performed, Bloomington Pet Pals can assume no liability for any damages or losses to your home or pet. The utmost care will be given in watching your pet and home. However, due the unpredictability of animals, we cannot accept responsibility for any mishaps or any extraordinary or unusual events (i.e biting, furniture chewing, accidental death due to illness, etc.) or any complications in administering medication. Nor can we be held liable for injury, disappearance, death or fines of pets with unattended access to outdoors.

2. Bloomington Pet Pals is authorized to perform care and services outlined in this contract. BPP also is authorized, by submission of this form, to seek emergency veterinary care with release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and expense. Client agrees to reimburse BPP for all expenses incurred, plus any additional fees for time spent attending to a medical situation. Client is responsible for setting permissions with your veterinarian for BPP to request care for your pet.

3. Client agrees NOT to record images of pet sitters by means of web camera, video or any other means without prior notification to sitter that recordings are being made. Images of pet sitters may not be posted on social media sites or shared in any way without written permission of sitter. If devices are used to record pets in owner's absence, pet sitter should be informed in advance.

4. In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, BPP is entrusted to use best judgment in caring for pet and home. BPP will be held harmless for consequences related to such decisions.

5. BPP agrees to provide the services stated in this contract in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, client expressly waives and relinquishes any and all claims against BPP except those arising from negligence or willful misconduct by BPP. In the event of personal emergency or illness of BPP sitter, client authorizes BPP to arrange for another qualified person to fulfill responsibilities set forth in this contract.

6. Client understands that contract also services as an invoice and takes full responsibility for PROMPT payment. Payment is expected when service is performed. A finance charge of 10% per month will be added to unpaid balances after 30 days. A fee of $35 will be charged on all returned checks. Advance payment is required during holidays, for new clients and at other times as requested by BPP. If collection proceedings become necessary, client will be responsible for all attorney's fees and costs of collection.

7. Client maintains that all pets are current on vaccinations. Should pet sitter be bitten or otherwise exposed to disease or ailment received from clients animal or home, it will be the client's responsibility to pay all costs and damages incurred by the sitter. Should pet sitter be injured on client's property when injury is not caused by sitter negligence, client is responsible for cost of medical care. Such cases might include falling on ice-covered walkways, faulty stairs, etc.

8. BPP reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before or during its term if BPP, in its sole discretion, determines that a danger exists to the health or safety of pet sitter. If concerns prohibit pet sitter from caring for pet, client authorizes pet to be placed in kennel with all charges to be paid by client. Every attempt will be made to notify client in advance.

9. Client authorizes this contract to be valid approval for future services of any purpose provided by this contract permitting Bloomington Pet Pals Inc., to accept telephone or electronic reservations for service and enter premises without additional signed contracts or written authorizations.

10. In the event BPP cannot access home because of faulty key, damaged lock, invalid entry code, etc., Client shall be responsible for any expense incurred for locksmith or similar service.

In submitting this form client asserts that you have reviewed and understand terms.