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$10 each - collar or Leash

Free delivery in Bloomington, IN. Add $2 for shipping outside of Bloomington.

A significant portion of the proceeds from sale of these items will go to providing collars and leashes to the Pets for Life program via the Humane Society of the United States. Additionally, accessories will be donated to rescue groups including The Nest, Canine Express and Casa Del Torro Pit Bull Rescue and Education. Pets for Life provides pet-care information, resources, or veterinary and related services to economically challenged pet owners.


Collars can be made with a buckle closure, a choke/slip closure, or a plastic snap.

Every collar and leash is hand-made and customized for your pet. Products are strong and durable, safe and comfortable. They are tested on strong dogs who pull to provide you with a quality product. At the same time, they are soft and will not cause your pet the discomfort some stiff, canvas collars cause. They are machine washable. Made to order in your choice of color, size and closure.

We have common sizes but you can also measure your pet's neck and request a specific, fitted size at no extra cost. We have a sample of colors listed on our order form, but you may specify any color you like and we will make it.


  • Made in any Color
  • Custom Sizes - fitted or adjustable
  • Sports or Holiday Themes
  • Hand Crafted
  • Strong but Soft
  • Matching Collars and Leashes

Bloomington Pet Pals

Collars and Leashes

Hand-made custom accessories

For every collar or leash sold in May, one will be donated to Pets for Life



Sample Leashes

Closure Style

Perfect for your pet's Spring wardrobe! Order this collar in May and get $1 off.